About Us

Arizona Analytical is a cannabis testing lab in Tucson, AZ that specializes in the analysis of medical cannabis. We enable patients to make a more educated decision when it comes to choosing which medication is right for them.

Sample pickup

We offer sample pickup throughout Arizona.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our customers will receive results via email in 2-3 business days .

Free Inspection

All flowers are inspected microscopically for mold and pests free of charge.

Picture Included

Microscopic picture
of trichrome is included on profile.

Our Mission

At Arizona Analytical we care. We care about your health and well-being. Cannabis is an alternative to many harsh drugs and medications that can cause harm and damage to the human body. As studies have shown, Cannabis has destroyed Cancer Cells, helped the memory of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s, numbed many different types of pain, helped children with Autism, said goodnight to insomnia, helped children with seizures and put a lid on anxiety.

Arizona Analytical offers many different types of consulting services. One of which is providing patients with the most up to date information about cannabis and its new medical breakthroughs being discovered. We strive to educate patients and non-patients about cannabis. We also provide education for dispensary agents who would like to learn more about Medical Cannabis so they may help customers understand more about the Medicine they consume.

Why Test With Arizona Analytical?

Science Research as a Concept

Arizona Analytical is not just a cannabis testing lab, we are also experienced growers of 13 years. We understand what’s going on in your grow.

Arizona Analytical is not just a cannabis testing lab...


Arizona Analytical uses only external, third-party standards for all testing. We obtain from two different vendors so we can cross-check the standards we use.

Arizona Analytical uses only external, third-party standards...


Arizona Analytical Cannabis Testing Lab in Tucson AZ is a third party lab. Unlike other testing labs we are not affiliated to any dispensaries in Arizona. So patients can rest assured samples were tested with the utmost professionalism.

Arizona Analytical Cannabis Testing Lab in Tucson AZ is a...