Arizona Analytical offers many different types of consulting services. One of which is providing patients with the most up to date information about cannabis and its new medical breakthroughs being discovered. We strive to educate patients and non-patients about cannabis. We also provide education for dispensary agents who would like to learn more about Medical Cannabis so they may help customers understand more about the Medicine they consume.

Are you caring for someone that needs access to Medicinal Cannabis?

If you count on cannabis to treat any medical conditions, it’s important to know what’s really in your medicine. Arizona Analytical process detects the presence of harmful molds, bacteria, any traces of residual solvents in cannabis oils, wax, or other concentrates.

It is always important to understand the proper dosage of medicine to be sure your body reacts naturally and safely. Cannabis is the same. Testing creates a profile in which patients can choose which medicine fits their needs.

If you would like to know more about how medical marijuana can help you, you can make an appointment with us today.